Excerpt: Knead

Well hello there! This is a story near and dear to my heart. I actually chatted with someone who regularly makes homemade pizza – so yeah, actual research – for this story. It was originally shorter for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Between the Sheets class. I hope you enjoy the longer, naughtier version.

Cover of Knead by Mischa Eliot

Zane turned around, laughter bubbling up and out of him, then gone as he pointed at me. “Now you look like a baker.” 

“What does that mean?” I could feel my forehead scrunch in confusion as I looked at him in confusion. 

“Oh, nothing. Just some flour on your face. It looks good on you.” He rejoined me behind the island, but beside me to chop vegetables. I bit back a sigh of regret that he didn’t stand directly behind me again, but I knew we had to get things done. 

“I think this dough is ready, but I’m not sure.” I’d watched him chop peppers and mushrooms. He was about to grate cheese when I spoke up. 

“Okay, switch me, and I’ll shape it.” I didn’t mind going back to grating cheese. Shaping the dough, getting the thickness just right, and then forming the crust were still beyond me. I hoped the dough was elastic and not too dry. 

I munched on a slice of green pepper as I watched him work. “You will grate some cheese, right? I need it before the vegetables.” He winked at me when I stared at him, my eyes almost popping out of my head. 

“Yes, sorry, I wanted to watch,” I shrugged a little, “and nibble.” Zane’s smile eased my mind and I grabbed the block of cheese to grate. 

“No worries. Feed me a pepper, would you? I am getting hungry, all this pizza and ingredients lying around.” He leaned into my space and I froze. 

“Uh, yeah, okay.” Giddiness filled my head as I grabbed a green pepper and held it out. He chopped them long and fine. Zane opened his mouth to take it from me, his lips grazing the tips of my fingers when he pulls away.

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