Erotic Journal Challenge: Plan ahead for the coming week

Yes, I know this is a day late, it’s okay. I planned it that way. No, I’m not joking.

Erotic Journal Challenge 02-20-22

Prompt: Plan ahead for the coming week. Goals? Considerations? What will you do differently? The Same?

I’m not a planner. Or a plotter. I’m a gardener leaning into being an architect. What does that mean really? It means I’m used to picking up the next thing to do, and doing it. Project-wise. However, in order to become financially independent, I’ve learned I need to start planning better.

I’m also a multitasker. Today, I was flirting with a guy, listening to a Twitter Space, talking with Donna about that Space via DM, sharing tweets about that Space, AND, updating descriptions. At the day job. No, I didn’t mess any up.

In my personal life? If someone hasn’t asked me a week in advance to do something, it’s really hard for me. I need to prepare, you know? Other times, depending on what’s happening and the situation around it, I can pick up and go. It just has to be for the right reasons with the right people.

Ongoing Plans

Knowing that #TheSexualitySpace is every Wednesday at Noon Eastern is planning, right? I have an alarm set for 15 minutes prior to the event in my phone. This gives me time to run to the restroom and heat up my lunch. I purposely set this alarm to prevent surprises.

Donna provides tweets for me to share in the nest. While working, I add people who enter the space to the Twitter List. More often than not, things go off without a hitch. Donna takes care of all the outside, public-facing stuff, while I piddle around in the background doing my part.

I look forward to each and every space. I learn new things just like the listeners do and it helps me continue on my personal journey to becoming a better soul in a meat suit.


I know this is mainly supposed to be an erotic challenge.. my daily goals in that are being met. I make the guy I’m talking to laugh and smile, and I hope that keeps happening. He does the same for me, on top of tormenting me with photos of food, including cheesecake. (Edit: There will be no cheesecake. This is the saddest edit ever.)

Lately, I am trying to get back into writing by doing these challenges. This week started a new set of challenges having to do with quizzes. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll participate or not. If I do, you’ll know because it’ll appear here. Stay tuned!


One of the things I’ve been considering (again) is starting some kind of writing prompt, however… I am not sure what to create as a challenge or meme or prompt. Hopefully, something will come out of the fog and be like ‘hey, hey you, yeah you, *this*.’ and I’ll know that’s the one.


The main change I’ll be making is to keep putting items on my calendar. I don’t use a paper planner and I don’t know why. I hate writing in a notebook, too. While I know a lot of people remember better that way, my handwriting is awful. I wouldn’t be able to read it later and that would just make things harder.

In an attempt to work ahead, I’m already working on tomorrow’s TMI Tuesday post. See, planning.


I know I’ll keep live-tweeting Spaces if I feel the urge to do so. I’m trying to get back to fiction writing by doing these posts. I really want to finish something and dive into the books I’ve been daydreaming about for over a year.

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