A Penny for your Thoughts: Abusing the Muse

Drunken Muse

There are so many days I feel that my Muse has gone off on a bender and is bar-hopping, black-out drunk, hitting on women who think he is just a sleazeball.

Then there are the days where he is excruciatingly sober and my light bulb completely explodes because someone, either in conversation or in passing (or maybe overheard…) says something and sends me on my own form of bender. My version of a bender equates to Reality No Longer Exists because I have to get these characters actions, thoughts, words, and emotions onto the digital paper RIGHT. NOW. Not hours from now, like when work is over, because oh dear god, that might not work and it’ll be all gone.

Luckily, I have many ways of doing this and somewhat free access to my personal online cloud systems.  I can log in to any one of them, unless I am in a meeting (eek!), to type up some quick notes about whatever popped into my head. Which helps later on when I go over them and think ‘wtf was I thinking?’.

Although, more often than not, I find some seriously excellent ideas for some steamy, dreamy, very sexy storytelling. And that is the goal. Whip your Muse into shape, let him or her run off the rails and wreck everything now and then, because when the Muse comes home, you’ll get some exploding light bulbs of stories to write.

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