A Penny for your Thoughts: Off the Rails

I feel like I owe an explanation for my lack of posting, twittering, and so forth. I haven’t been pressured for it or anything, but it’s weighing on me and I wanted to let everyone know that things are about to be back to normal (whatever normal is… I tend to be a bit weird.)

A Penny for your Thoughts

The past few weeks have been kind of crazy around here. If you’re here often, (or follow me on Twitter) then you know it drives me a touch {batshit} crazy to have two Masturbation Monday posts in a row. The simple fact that I didn’t have a post scheduled – when I knew things were going to be off the rails – is sad.

I’m almost always writing. I write blog posts that you’ll never see because by the time I’m done with them, the feeling is over and I can’t seem to recapture the zealousness I felt when the idea struck. Every week (minus the few in the beginning that I miss) I write a Masturbation Monday post. I have been working on a new Sizzling Nibbles for months. I started trying out TMI Tuesday and Wicked Wednesday.

I ended up in kind of a funky brain fog for a little while. With my daughter heading into her last finals week, planning to move, and graduating college all in a very short span of time, things around the house were a bit stressed. It’s a lot, especially when it happens all at once.

After she moved out, I started getting the house back in order. I’ve always been a lazy cleaner, but there was so much to be done, I knew that if I didn’t tackle a lot of the big stuff at once, I would never do it. I took last Friday off work and scrubbed the bathroom to within an inch of its so-called life. Then I went through the burn box to separate stuff that actually could be burned vs. the items that aren’t supposed to be burned. I also rescued several books that I’m going to donate because they shouldn’t be burned. Once that was taken care of (the box still hasn’t been burned… because: lazy) I started on the rest of the living room which means moving furniture and so forth. After that, I swept and scrubbed floors, and started on the kitchen.

I’m still working on the kitchen but it’s coming together. I mean, I took time to scrub the fridge as well as I scrubbed the bathroom because pineapple juice is always and forever sticky until you get hot water, Dawn, and a scrub brush. I have to figure out what to do with some pots and pans that need replaced and reorganize the cupboards.

There are so many things I’ve been working on, and so many ideas that I’ve had piling on top of me, that I’ve also been procrastinating. The fact that I still have not finished 7 Days of Sin: Flashed on Friday yet makes me want to pull my hair out. The story is freaking hot. I keep getting more details about the characters and what makes them tick, which is definitely a good sign that the story needs to be written.

There’s also a Sizzling Nibble that’s been pinging around the back of my mind. I’ll be revisiting that day at the Park again with Soaked at the Park. It’s a naughty semi-taboo story. I’ve also started writing a story involving Jacob from Punished by the Boss (and the others that go with it). The incredibly talented Dr. J. and I have something in the works as well and I feel terrible because I haven’t touched it since it started.

And there’s more, because there’s always more. I think my muse likes to sit around and think of ways to torment me with salacious story ideas and then cackle in glee while I chase them around with a net that has a hole in it. However, there’s good news, too! The sun has finally found Ohio again and I’m starting to feel that funkified fog start to dissipate. I can see further down the road and I know that I need to make a list of things to do.

What have you been letting boil over on the burner due to fog or fatigue or your creativity train hopping the rails? 

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