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Just an update on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. . . .

I’ve been reading an advanced reader copy of Mary T. McCarthy’s Scarlet Letter Storm. I’ll be happily reviewing it once I’m done. (Previous reviews of 1 and 2 will be included with that.) If you haven’t read the first two, the time is now! (No, really, Storm comes out on May 10th, so get to it!)

I finished Ms. Fix-It: Shawna and the Outcast Millionaire – so far people I’ve shared it with love love love it! Which makes me hope that all of you will as well.

I fixed some minor issues with Hailey and Her Dirty Secret on Smashwords. It’s ready to go on the 30th when its cousins go live on Amazon. Remember, if you buy or read for free via Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, you can email me to get a freebie code for Hailey on Smashwords.

I took care of myself with some pampering yesterday and went to get my hair “trimmed”. I had her cut off all the dead-ends and four inches gone later, I think I have Rachel’s hair from Friends… but it looks good and it feels amazing, so why the hell not?

This weekend I’ll be taking some time to color my hair my signature red. Okay, okay, so it’s out of a box from Sally’s, but it’s MY signature red. I rarely saw anyone with that color until I was coloring my hair with it regularly. Now I’m lucky if I feel like doing it twice a year because of all the other people being bold enough to use the color. It’s not even that crazy of a red either. (In case you want to go this route, it’s Ion Liquid Dark Intense Red Blonde ((no idea why blonde is on the end of the name, there is nothing blonde about the color)) with level 30 developer ((I think, I’ll have to check on that one.))and I leave it in for 40 minutes, give or take, to get rid of my greys.)

I’ve been walking more when the weather permits. Nothing much changed there. The weather is being finicky again lately, but who knows, maybe we will have an awesome summer this year and I can sit somewhere with my feet in the sand and my little chromebook on my lap as I tap away some smut.

I’ve also been working on another Sizzling Nibbles. You only see a handful here, but there are a ton of unfinished ones in the Sizzling Nibbles folder. It’s ridiculous. I’ve also started Ms. Fix-It 7 featuring Peyton. We’ll see if she stays named that or not.

What are you working on? Anything fun? Share it in the comments with a link to your twitter, blog, or other profile. Want to share an excerpt, bio, and links to your profiles? Give me a shout using the contact form. Have an awesomely Smutty evening!

Want to read the Ms. Fix-It Series? You can find all ten stories on Medium!

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with tons of unfinished stories hanging around. Mostly mine are in my head rather than a folder – if the idea captures me enough to start then it usually gets finished, otherwise I recycle bits into new stories 🙂

    I’m working on vampires! Sexy vampires, naturally.

    1. I love love (did I say love?) sexy vampires, so I can’t wait to see it! Yep, what I do is create a basic word file and keep a list. I probably would be better off keeping it in an excel sheet than word, but I like to pop back in and add more ideas that entwine with the previous idea. I’ve seen a recommendation to write them on strips of paper and put them in a jar and when you’re not sure what to write next, you pull out a piece of paper. If the idea doesn’t click, you pull another until one clicks, then put them all back (in case they click later). I haven’t done this, but my list in word works fairly well.

      1. I have a love-hate relationship with horror in general. I like the kind of classic horror: vampires, zombies, etc. but I don’t like blood and gore and general nastiness. I suppose I like humans to be on this side of the horror line but I don’t mind monsters being on the other.

        Of course, when the monsters take a step onto this side I don’t mind at all 🙂

        That idea sounds like a good one! I’m not sure I’m organised enough to make it work, but it sounds good!

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