Available Now: Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More

Oh, wow! It’s live and ready to get you feeling all hot and gooey! That’s right! Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More is on Amazon.

Night scene with lit advertising for Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More

What a labor of love! This anthology would not be here today if not for some truly amazing people. In the beginning it was just an idea, a hope, a whim.

But now it’s here and you can delight in all the naughty, spicy stories. I bet you can’t stop at one story. I bet you can’t keep from touching yourself before you finish the anthology.

Which bet will you take?

Devour all the stories in one sitting or edging yourself until you’ve finished them all? Can you do both?

The stories contained in this anthology will take you on a wild ride.

From an employee at Acme disbelieving in the product to the deep forest, women protecting one another, and so much more. We have Greek Divinity for you with a new twist and a music festival full of acceptance and love. Seriously, when we say we packed it in, we packed it in and gave it a well-deserved spanking, too!

Because She Hates Me: I can’t help but notice how her snug bodysuit shows off her trim figure.

Don’t listen to just me, now. I’m IN the anthology. I can tell you how much I love it and it may not matter one little bit to you. But, listen to our reviewers on GoodReads. They will tell you all about the melty gooey feeling the anthology has given them. They will point out their favorite stories. And you… well, you could win an ebook copy if you stop by the Twitter Party tonight at 7-9PM Eastern #ChemSexv2.

I’d like to take this space to thank Oleander Plume for her genius, her creativity, her patience, and the willingness to go through all the stressors that putting out a book baby cause – THANK YOU!!

I won’t be the first to tell you, nor the last, it is not all fun and games putting out a book of any size. And when you’re working to accommodate others desires and tastes, it is all about compromise and what works for – not the authors or editors – but the readers and marketing. The book was a labor of love, but it was stressful, painful, and sometimes exhausting.

To be honest, I wouldn’t want to do such a huge project like this with anyone other than my #SistersInSmut and our sexy sidekicks.

Here’s your party music! Katy Perry – Last Friday Night

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