Adventures in Writing: Word Wall

In case you were unsure, I’m a writer. And, in case you are not a writer (or have never been around a writer), writing is hard.

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It’s recently come to my attention that I have a lot of content. Well, when I’m writing Sizzling Nibbles, Masturbation Monday, have Sharing is Caring, Between the Stories, Excerpts, and random posts about stuff that pops into my head, you tend to gain lots of words. In the same breath… or so I assume, since this was typed, it was also said that they wish to avoid a wall of words on their own website.

This is where the “I’m a writer,” comment up above comes in to play. I am a writer. I put letters together to form words and arrange them into sentences to create paragraphs, which eventually turn into stories that will be torn up and revised (hopefully) in a way that turns my readers to squirmy, needy, lip-biting maniacs until they can relieve the tantalizing sexual frustration that I’ve caused.

The words on the screen that you read are meant to give you just enough detail that you can smell the sex in the room, you can feel the warm breath on the back of your neck. I want you to be able to read my story and feel as though you’re being caressed, petted, pinched, and teased until you can’t take anymore. I want you to hold on until the end, until the characters have been fully satisfied, when you are left panting, begging for release.

The last thing I want to do is to detract from the story by including images or gifs that don’t go along with the story. 

Several blogs that I read, writing-related, stories, and everything in between, will include animated gifs, memes, and other images. I feel that these are there to distract me so that I won’t pay as much attention to the writing on the page. I dismiss them and read the words. I hope that they aren’t there to simply distract a reader enough so they won’t notice that perhaps the post isn’t up to snuff for whatever reason. Now, don’t get up in arms, I am not saying that every blogger who decides to use gifs, memes, and images in their blog posts are distracting the readers. I’m stating that some do it on purpose. They want you to keep scrolling, they want you on their page longer, because it looks better in their stats. Some may use it to hide sub-par writing between handy-dandy entertaining gifs, memes, and images.

I don’t want to do that. I want to give you visuals using the written word. When you read a story, I want you immersed into it. I might include an image of a hot guy or gal or couple occasionally, just because it’s fun or the image caught my eye. I enjoy including gifs that Kayla Lords finds for inspiration. Besides, history is filled with word walls. Walls covered in primitive paintings to carvings to elaborate stories in hieroglyphs.

On another note, I’m not alone in my Wall of Words. I highly recommend authors who are focused on the words they place on their website, regardless if it’s a story or writing advice or a personal post about what they had for lunch. If a writer is sharing their stories, their thoughts, their life with you, the best way they know how to do just that is through the written word. If you’re looking for someone who does graphics, and all you find are walls of words, then you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for a writer, then what you want to see is their writing.

I don’t mind one bit having a Wall of Words and I hope you truly enjoy everything that I have to offer.

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  1. Hmm, while I do use visuals in my blog posts, I do see what you mean. Visual aids do take away from the writing, but I feel people like gifs, memes, and all that stuff. However, I feel each writer has to do what is best for them =)

    1. I absolutely agree. Every writer is different. And to be honest, I do love the Liam Neeson Gif you used in your Useful Skills Writers Should Learn. I thought it was great. On another note, you have 3 gifs or memes when others will have several and they’ll be VERY BIG, taking up half the screen, so you scrollscrollscroll to find the next paragraph. In my book, you’re awesome.

      1. Thanks so much! Lol, I’m happy you liked the meme. I saw that picture and I just couldn’t help myself. Ah, I know what you are talking about, and that’s is too much. Aww that’s so sweet of you :3 You’re awesome, too! I love reading your stories. Your work inspires me to write better. =)

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