TMI Tuesday: Valentine’s Day was Condom Awareness Day!

1. One of my ideas is to someday create:

Oh wow. There are so many ways I could answer this question.

The 64 million dollar answer though… if I had unlimited funds, I would create a safe online haven for authors, educators, and workers of all kinds in the vast world of sexuality.

I’d have my own servers. I’d have people building payment portals. And it would be meant to help people, not hurt them.

Eventually, the people being hosted there would become investors and partners. There would be a board or committee to help mitigate any and all issues.

Obviously, this is a fantasy and I have no unlimited funds. However, there are people working on things close to this dream of mine.

2. Do you travel lightly?

Not as light as some, not as heavy as others. I pack one small suitcase and my huge purse is my carry-on.

However, that will change now that I have an adorable bag from the island to use as a carry-on. Currently, it’s my overnight bag.

3. How would you create the best dressed baked potato?

I’m not entirely sure how to consider this question. I’m so boring when it comes to certain foods. I like my baked potatoes simply with butter. But, good butter. Irish butter.

Although, I have been known to load them up with cheese and broccoli on top of the good butter.

4. The best thing you tasted over the weekend was:

Instead of “I went to the candy shop…” it’s “I went to the panty party…”

Okay, don’t hate me for this one. The Roommate and I went to the mall for the Victoria Secret Panty Party… and I talked her into deep dish pizza.

I can’t tell you the last time I’d had the broccoli ranch drizzled in garlic butter but damn did it hit the spot.

5. What do you wish you had paid attention to?

One of my biggest mistakes was not diving head first into KDP when they launched.

In response to missing that boat, I’ve tried some other platforms over the years that haven’t had the same success. I hope the merger between Draft 2 Digital and Smashwords works out and that they didn’t lie about the three-tier filter starting in place for erotica.

So many authors are afraid that in time they’ll change their minds and they’ll be removed from the platform.


Don’t be afraid to include condom and lube use in your stories (or your real sex life)!

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