Adventures in Writing: When You Can’t Finish

So, I’m not the only person in the world suffering from… well, whatever the fuck it is I’m suffering from. Some of my sisters are feeling the weird lows, the ones that keep them from putting words to screen. Let’s chat about when you just can’t finish writing.

Adventures in Writing

On one hand, I’m glad I’m not alone. On the other, I only wish this feeling on the haters. It’ll give them something to whine about, you know? Ah, the life of writing.

I’m writing but I can’t seem to finish a goddamn thing. I see a flash of a scene. It’s lightning quick. As if I’m being tested by spies or thieves to know everything in a room within the first ten seconds. But when all you get is that flash, that surge of emotion which goes away just as quick, what do you do with it?

You write what you can.

Write what you saw, what you felt. Was there a smell? A taste? And, sure maybe that’s it. Perhaps that is all you get. Maybe nothing comes from it. Perhaps your muse is fucking with you. Dangling bait in front of you and just as you get a tentative grip, it yanks it away. Sort of like what I do with the string on King Floof’s fishing pool. (He doesn’t like toys, just the effing string.)

Stress and Procrastination are Love Birds

Not writing stresses me out, which then makes me procrastinate by watching Netflix or Hulu. Not pleased with Stranger Things 3. It could have been so much better. I’m watching Veronica Mars for the first time. I know, I know, don’t shame me. Kristen Bell is such a badass.

The weather definitely affects my mood. It’s sweltering (yes, I can only take so much) or it’s raining. Today appears to be right in my happy range. I’m taking advantage of it. Right now the AC is “off” (set to 79) and I have the windows and front door open. I’m looking over my OneDrive to share what I’ve written over the past few months.

  • I started a silly short story that’s almost done about a woman having a hell of a day and a monster of a period. It’s humorous, though, so don’t freak out. A conversation between myself, Jayne, and Wednesday inspired it.
  • I had a flash of a man in a tux kneeling in a vestibule looking for atonement from a Mistress.
  • Another FemDom story of a man late to his appointment with a Mistress. (I’m apparently in a FemDom mode right now.)
  • An article for Medium about a comment stuck in my brain.
  • Not to mention all the things I started and stopped and closed without saving.

I’m still working on it though. Working on getting something written.

What about you when it comes to writing? How do you…?

Halestorm – Here’s to Us

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