Masturbation Monday: Skinny Dipping

A little skinny dipping is exactly what Elle needs to get herself back on track, luckily Owen can read her like a book and amps up the pleasure.

Story Quote - Masturbation Monday - Skinny Dipping
I pressed my face against his shoulder, nails biting into his muscled flesh.

The water sluiced down my skin as he lifted me above him. The sun warmed my as the water chilled me, goosebumps popped up all over my flesh and a shiver caused Owen to tighten his hold.

“You okay, Elle?” Droplets glistened on our skin like diamonds in the setting sunlight, the heat of the day slowly waned. The last thing I ever expected from this bad boy that healed abused animals of all sizes and restored antiques like a pro was to  heal me, too. Everything he touched turned to gold, the way the sunset bathed us in its golden glow.

I could feel the flush as it heated my face, love overflowing from my heart as it rebuilt my faith and trust whenever I spent time alone with Owen or his family. “I’m more than okay.” The whisper left my lips and I placed my forehead against his, my hair hiding us even though there was no one around to see.

We clung to each other, kissing and nibbling, as we connected together in a way we hadn’t before. Our hearts became linked. Chains wrapped around me, through me, linking me to him. In the past, I’d have felt trapped, weighed down, broken. But entangled with Owen, all I felt was freedom and joy.

“Oh, that’s it, right there… don’t stop.” I pressed my face against his shoulder, nails biting into his muscled flesh. Bruises would blossom on my ass from how tight he held me, but I didn’t care. I would proudly bear those marks of passion.

Kisses rained over my face, neck, and shoulders. Across my collarbone. Back to my lips, he nipped with his teeth. “See, I had a feeling a swim would help you get back on even footing.”

“Yes, exactly what I needed was a swim. Skinny dipping with you was a bonus.” We pulled apart reluctantly, heading back to our clothes and the bike before anyone caught us trespassing. We still had a long ride ahead of us, but the journey was definitely worth traveling.

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