Beware of Scams: Cover Designers — Nicci Haydon

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I’m sharing this because people need to know. There are so many out there willing to take advantage of a new author and it’s sickening. Authors need to step up more and share both the good and bad experiences with both self- and traditional-publishing. Whether it’s an editor who won’t get back to you, a cover designer that doesn’t have the experience they claim, or a publisher that completely ignores you – let someone know. Write a post somewhere, whether it’s on your own site or as a guest post, a reddit or KBoards. Share the issue. You don’t need to share the names publicly. Just let people know that they need to do their research.

It’s time we banded together and helped each other. Honestly, there’s enough success out there to go around. Helping each other means better books, better covers, better money, and futures for each of us. Don’t let someone scam you just because you didn’t know any better. Do your research. Ask other authors for input – but don’t badger them if they don’t want to share. It is their right to keep things close to heart when it comes to these things.

Have you had a good or bad experience? Share it in the comments or link to a post for others to read it.

Learn from my mistakes.

via Beware of Scams: Cover Designers — Nicci Haydon

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