Adventures in Writing: Solving my Writing Problem

Finally, I’ve realized the issues to my writing problems. While I have been writing, I haven’t been writing smutty stories. And now I know why.

Adventures in Writing

I have been writing, but I haven’t been finishing most things. My problem writing has been sitting right in front of my face this whole time. I hate it when something is so obvious and I don’t realize it.

I’m used to working on multiple things at once. It’s very rare I’m not doing three things at once. That’s just who I am and I’m good at it. There are times at work covering the desk I’m helping a customer, answering the phone, answering one or both bosses, and the random coworker wandering by the front desk looking for someone.
I have stopped keeping track of people though. I don’t care. Unless they specifically tell me where they’re going and when they’ll be back, it’s just ludicrous keeping track. So I don’t.

The past year has been a whirlwind, good and bad, and the [much hated] unexpected.

  • I’ve met more of my wonderful Sisters.
  • I got to spend a second vacation on Smuttylicious Island.
  • I’m overwhelmed at work while also bored in between funny and smutty moments with my coworkers.
  • I’m irked that someone who can’t type a freaking sentence without stumbling over their words is creating our newsletters and sending them out with typos and grammar errors. #KMN.
  • I helped write, edit, and create a beautiful anthology. Yes, I’ll be bragging about that until the end of time and if I were to have a tombstone, there’d be a QRCode for the book. #NeverStopSelling

Then there are the other things I’ve been working on, such as fixing website issues. Fixing posts individually is a pain in the ass and it’s all my fault. Luckily, I don’t have 2000+ posts like Kayla Lords because holy shit… just thinking about having to edit that many posts individually would drive me off a cliff.

About those design updates…

Being both a self-taught and somewhat-educated web designer, when I switched from one theme because of glitches in the matrix to the Hueman theme (which I love) I did not save any child-themes. Which meant I lost a lot of my own formatting. Which meant a lot of older posts still look like crap. Since Masturbation Monday is my biggest, most-visited section, I started updating those posts first. I love creating my Story Quotes. I feel they bring a little something extra to social media and the story itself.

Crash and Spark Quote
“And what do I get now that I caught you,” his breathy whisper in my ear sent a different kind of chill down my spine.

It’s slow-going. And that means I need a better way. I need to create a proper child-theme again and use it. Which means… (Le Sigh) that a lot of things may look effed up. Such as any headings I’ve used. I’ve used Heading 6 for breaking parts of stories up and give readers a little ooh, I can’t wait to get to that part moment or just to give emphasis to a piece of dialogue or sexy tidbit.

Another issue I’ve had with WordPress is with the text colors. It can save a custom color… and yet, it’s gone. If I save a custom text color, it should always be available and yet, it’s only available for individual posts (unless I have a glitch somewhere I don’t know about) and that’s ridiculous.

Turning Time Sucks into a Working System

Creating the graphics, updating the posts, sharing the Story Quotes on social media across the board, are all time-suckers. Time away from important things, like writing smut. It’s also exhausting. I created a template for my #StoryIn12 posts and decided that I needed one for the Story Quotes. The other thing I’m doing with the website is putting naughty images and GIFs behind a spoiler. That way those who aren’t interested won’t see them.

These things… working on multiple projects, being bored at work, talking to my smutty-minded coworkers, and being exhausted after work jolted something out of my brain Friday morning.

Note to Self: I’m writing [something is better than nothing] despite feeling overwhelmed.

I’m also reading a lot of non-fictional posts at Medium and sometimes those make me feel like a fraud (AKA, imposter syndrome). I’m overthinking the story I’m trying to write.

Overthinking it is Par For the Course

Instead of putting down the bare bones of a story like I normally do, I’ve been trying to get the entire fantasy out all at once. Since I’ve pulled off complete stories before the cut-off for Masturbation Monday in the past, I felt not being able to do that now meant that I shouldn’t bother at all. Will I ever write something as hot as Because She Hates Me again? I sure as hell hope so because I enjoyed writing that story. And, I also have to remind myself that the story was a tiny seed in my brain over a year before it came to fruition.

I have an idea for a story. I write it down or start typing it out, but then I can’t see it anymore. It’s all blurry and the feelings are dead, so I stop. I save and close the file, then set the laptop aside. Since I can’t put the fully formed story and setting down in ten minutes, it feels too difficult. So it’s time to set some new goals.


  • Open Word and start typing the bare bones. Where the story scene takes place, who is in the scene, and what they’re talking about or doing.
  • Then, finish the fucking story in a reasonable amount of time, whether it takes a week, a month, or a quarter.

What are your goals and plans for 2020? Mine are to get back to how well I was writing in 2018 and to write hotter stories than Because She Hates Me.

Halestorm – The Silence (Acoustic Performance) reflects how I feel about fixing my writing problems in 2020.

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