Story: Knead

Cover of Knead by Mischa Eliot




I’ve always lusted after Zane…

He was the guy I daydreamed about in high school, the one guy that made me blush uncontrollably if he glanced in my direction. I never thought he noticed me, being the geeky girl with her nose stuck in a book or scribbling in a notebook. We even went to college together and I wondered about the string of brokenhearted girls he left behind. What exactly was he looking for?

And then he moved in next door…

I’d changed over the years. I didn’t think he’d even remember me, but Zane smiled and did his ‘Yo Adrienne’ joke. He was the only one that I laughed for when he said it.
Maybe now was my chance to see if he would be interested in a former geeky girl turned erotic romance author.

Making pizza has never been so sexy…

Until you’ve seen Zane in loose jeans, a muscle shirt, and dusted with flour kneading dough with his long tapering fingers. Even if the air had been working, I wouldn’t be shocked if I melted into a puddle on the floor of his kitchen. But here I sat, trying to have a conversation, tripping over my tongue, with the man of my fantasies. Even his bare feet were freaking sexy.

Combustion in the Kitchen

If you enjoy stories that feature cooking in the kitchen, high heat, sexy barefoot men, and a happy ending, then you’ve come to the right story! Adrienne and Zane both have naughty secrets from over the years they’ve known each other. What happens when they bring them into the light?


“Yes, sorry, I wanted to watch,” I shrugged a little, “and nibble.” Zane’s smile eased my mind and I grabbed the block of cheese to grate. 

“No worries. Feed me a pepper, would you? I am getting hungry, all this pizza and ingredients lying around.” He leaned into my space and I froze. 

“Uh, yeah, okay.” Giddiness filled my head as I grabbed a green pepper and held it out. He chopped them long and fine. Zane opened his mouth to take it from me, his lips grazing the tips of my fingers when he pulls away. 

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Ugh, I love Mischa. This book had me squirming in public! I recommend saving it for when you can find release as this is hot, Hot, HOT!

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