Patreon Peek: How Community Can Help You Write

I’ve started a Patreon!

And when I write a post like this one, I’ll share a smidge of it here so you know it exists.

Today I rambled a bit about being a writer and having a community so there’s someone to yell at you when your character isn’t a dick hiding a heart of gold, but just a dick. And not to worry if it takes you time to find your writing people. You’ll find them.

Here’s the Peek:

Hi, my name is Mischa and I’m a writer.

Saying that out loud has been one of the most difficult things in life and not because I tend to write stories containing Scenes with Sex.

Finding people who support you in your writing adventures can be difficult. It took me quite a long time before I found my core people.

Each of them was worth waiting to find and I’ll always be grateful for having them in my life.

There are two things I remind myself of often, having people who understand the writing life, whether they chose to enter it or were coerced into it by a sneaky muse, it’s always good to have writers around to offer an ear.

The second thing is reminding myself to write the stories I want to read. I love reading. I’ve always been a reader. And lately, it feels like when I pick up a book, it’s like watching reality tv in word form.

Want more? You can find it on Patreon, in the Writing Tier.

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